Saturday, 14 December 2013

Please heed this warning NSW/Sydney Paintballers.

Welcome every one to my experience. I hope to educate those who have no experience in paintball or either thinking of Purchasing from the *International Paintball Group*.

(Please go below for my Financial report comparison and my personal, unbiased advice)

Firstly, I would like to describe my first encounter with the so called "International Paintball Group".
I have never been paintball before though I have researched quite extensively about the sport. One afternoon in a local westfields shopping centre, I wondered towards one of the Paintball stands in the middle of the walkway. I was greeted by what seemed like a very humble and polite bloke who was keen in getting me a package deal with their group IPG (International Paintball Group). The encounter was quite satisfying and I thought I was getting a sweet deal by purchasing 4 tickets for the price of $160, which included an extra 16 tickets, individually being $40. He managed to entice me even further by *upgrading* to a platinum membership expiry, which was 2 years in total 1.5 years more than the lowest package.
He also further provided 100 free paintballs from a higher package *free* on the day of booking.
At this point I could no longer stand the deal and simply gave away $160 bucks for the 40 tickets in total plus a 1 year membership and a 2 year expiry.
However, I was NOT informed of the $50 dollar per person payment fee when you book through the phone and they MUST be paid via either credit card or direct transfer, NOT on the day of the event.
Additionally, they had locations around NSW such as Heartbreak Ridge Paintball in Blacktown and Appin. The only thing is, when had a look online at the ACTUAL businesses such as Heartbreak Ridge paintball, they offered a $20 entrance fee ($20 less compared to the IPG), along with great deals on their packs such as 1000 paintballs + Mcdonalds lunch +Vest for $80. When I mentioned IPG, their prices CHANGED and they told me that I would be charged $25 per 100 paintballs...
At this point, I was beginning to question the legitimacy of IPG. Mind you, it is a completely legal and valid company, HOWEVER IT IS A MARKETING COMPANY, which was NOT explained to me by the sales person. They Do Not actually own their own paintball sites, rather, they overcharge poor suckers new to paintball and only help with the booking and marketing of the various paintball brands.
At this point in time, I hope to receive a refund for the UNINFORMED details that have been hiding from me at the shopping centre consultation.

Lets do some maths. (Note: Figures are quoted as of 15/12/2013. Changes may occur, please check the respective websites for notices) 
-Heartbreak Ridge is the name/brand of the actual paintball complex.
-IPG is a Marketing company and does NOT OWN the various paintball complexes, rather, they assist in marketing the various paintball locations (+ in my experience and calculations, charge you more).

NOTE: Both are for entry and fun in the SAME COMPLEX, however, the method of entry and who you pay is the variable. Pay either to Heartbreak Ridge or to the Marketing company IPG.

        Financial Report Comparison (Correct as of 15/12/2013)

No# of people: 10
No# of bullets Per person: 1000pbs (Constant firing throughout the day) [Amount chosen as bulk buying is always at the cheapest Rates]{Total paintballs 10000pbs}

Through Heartbreak Ridge (Blacktown):

  • Upon placing booking a fee of $20pp is required for entry. (Can be either paid via credit card or upon arrival at the complex- available from Wed-Sun 7:30am-2:30pm)   x10                          +$200
  • "Terminator Pack" $80pp, which includes 1000 paint balls for each player, 'Battle Vest' and a Mcdonalds medium Meal x10                                                                                                        +800   
  • "Organiser Bonus",  +200 free paintballs + free gun upgrade x10                                               +0   
Total: $1000 for 10 people 
      • 1000pbs per player
      • equipment hire/entry
      • including food

Through International Paintball Group(Blacktown):
  • "VIP" tickets (10 tickets a page) for $40 each. Includes gear and equipment hire. x 10             +400   
  • Additional $40pp required upfront during booking and 200pb per person(Cannot be paid on site, must be paid via phone or transfer) x10                                                                                   +400      
  • (As each player already has 200 pbs, totalling 2000, an additional 8000 paint balls is required to total 10 000, which is the control in this report as 10 000 paintballs in total equates to the control of 1000 paintballs per person) $320 for 2000 best available bulk buy discount rate.              x4                                                                                                                   +1280   
Total: $2080 (~+$15pp for food and drinks i.e +$150 ontop of this price of $2080) for 10 people 
      • 1000pbs per player
      • equipment hire/entry
      • NOT including food

This comparison clearly illustrates the pricing difference of marketing schemes compared to the actual complex venue. Even after calculating the maths, I am quite shocked at the different in pricing that the Marketing blokes increase upon the expenses. 
There is a minimum of $1000 difference when booking and paying IPG's prices compared to the actual venue's prices.  

My advice is to STEER CLEAR of marketing companies for the paintball venues and purchase EVERYTHING AND BOOK THROUGH THE ACTUAL VENUE. By doing so, you save yourself a truckload of money($1000 minimum based on a 10 player, 1000bullets each and entry fees) as well as supporting the financial revenue of the actual venues. Now I remind again that I am in no way affiliated with Heartbreak, Just a bloke that wants to warn other poor souls in getting the wrong prices for the wrong reasons. 

 I am in NO WAY affiliated with either Heartbreak Ridge or IPG or any paintball companies mentioned in the report, rather I am taking my free will to express my experience to the public. All calculations have been initiated and carried out by myself based on website figures which are correct as of 15/12/2013. I have a legal right to express my testimony and am legally allowed to express my own opinion.